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Have you had a difficult time finding a dentist that offers home visits and caters to the older adult population? What about finding onsite dental services for your loved ones that reside in an assisted living facility? Dr. Blumofe is your solution!

Dr Blumofe brings over 20 years of experienced on-site dentistry services specifically tailored to the older adult population. Dr. Blumofe offers general dentistry care specifically for older patients who have a more difficult time being seen in a private practice due to cognitive decline, functional limitations, or those with complex medical or medication histories.

Dr. Blumofe’s staff ensures that all important parties (the patient, family member or power of attorney, and facility staff) are involved throughout the patient’s dental experience. She strives to provide access to quality care for all, no matter the patient’s circumstances.

“A smile is a most precious gift- a window to the world of your inner health and beauty.”


Dr. Lisa Blumofe has established a base of trusting clients who can depend on her caring services in a timely manner, while communicating with families and staff in order to establish continuity of care. I would highly recommend Dr. Blumofe to anyone looking for a convenient and compassionate option for Dental Care on site.

Noreen McAvoy / Brookdale Hoffman Estates

I am thrilled to highly recommend Dr. Lisa Blumofe for yourself or a loved one. I have known her for many years. She is known to have a gentle touch, upbeat, positive personality and a wonderful smile. You will be in great hands with Dr. Lisa Blumofe!

Linda Yost

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We will always strive to understand the needs of our patients and to provide professional, caring and comfortable dental treatment. I am proud to deliver the best on-site dental care. – Lisa Blumofe, DDS




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